Welcome. Disclaimer!

Welcome to HW and The LOH. There will be a story about the title of the blog posted on here at some point. I am but one man who enjoys stories. I also enjoy sports, food having a beard or awesome goatee, food, being a stoic personality and a libertarian in philosophy. In short, if you want me to smile, well, make me smile and until then let me be and take care of yourself and let’s go get some food. I enjoy writing but need a lot more practice. That’s what this blog is for. Mostly this will be sports commentary or social commentary on news of the day.  A lot of writing will be for humorous effect or will be exaggerated/semi-fictionalized for effect. These are my thoughts and stories woven into sports or social commentary and then into your mom. I’m not trying to push an agenda or prove your politics or ideas wrong. This is an exercise in creative writing. Some of it will just be straight up fiction. If you want facts and straight forward reporting watch MSNBC….just kidding. Sometimes it will be a short story or poem to shake things up and, you know, food. Who knows, it’s wild around here. There’s people hopped up on Hi-C and Oatmeal Cookies. I may even do a podcast at some point. I realize I’ll mainly be entertaining and talking to myself but maybe someone out there will like what I have to offer. And then I will alienate them.


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